Sponsor A Child And Ignite the Potential Of A Coding Star

Amount Raised: SGD 3,110


Target : SGD 10,000

About The Campaign:

Innerstar’s mission is to provide children in need with the opportunities to develop skills that will equip them for their future. In line with this mission, we are sponsoring 3 children from Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home through weekly coding lessons. We identified these children during the Coding & Robotics Workshop that we conducted in January and through subsequent meetings with the home and interviews with the youth.

Coding is an important skill for the children to be future-ready, these coding lessons will equip the children with the knowledge, mindset, skills and creativity to succeed in the 21st century and beyond.

We seek your support to sponsor these children through weekly coding lessons to impart skill, inspire action and ignite the potential of a future coding star! The estimated cost per child is S$3,200 for a year and we hope to raise S$10,000. Extra donations will be used for future coding workshops and related activities.

We would be very grateful for your support. Kindly donate and help a child’s #innerstarshine , #codingstar

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Hear From the Children:

“I want to join because it is fun and I get to learn new things. I want to learn how to design and play games and know more about robotics. I also want to experience things I never tried before.”

“I want to go for the coding workshop as the teachers are good. They help to teach me new things. I like to play with the robots.”

“It was cool and interesting. I like coding and programming. I like playing with the car that can go by itself. I like the person teaching the class”