About Innerstar

Innerstar is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to deliver high impact programs to help underprivileged youths better realise their potential.

We bring together the expertise of our Program Partners with support from Volunteers & Donors to deliver programs to Underprivileged Youths that have positive lasting impact.


We partner with companies and professionals with expertise in delivering hard and soft skills training for youths


We work with children’s homes, student care centers as well as youth networks to understand their needs and deliver effective programs


We provide multiple ways for volunteers and donors to contribute and we help companies design volunteer programs with a difference



Through collaboration with our Program Partners, Innerstar seeks to give underprivileged youths more opportunities to learn new skills, develop confidence and build resilience.

Impart Skills – If you or your company provides developmental programs for children or youths, we would love for you to join us.

Find out more about the programs Innerstar offers.


All our programs would not be possible without the support from our volunteers and donors. Innerstar provides multiple ways to contribute.

Inspire Action – If you would like to volunteer your time or would like to make a donation to a specific home, program or to help support Innerstar, please contact us. We would also love to hear from you if your company would like to design a community outreach program with a difference.


Innerstar works closely with care homes in Singapore to deliver programs that help the youths develop relevant soft and hard skills. Through these programs we aim to make a lasting positive impact and help each and every child realise their potential.

Ignite Potential – If you are from a children’s home or youth centre, let us know how we can support your needs.