Helping the Under-Privileged Level the Playing Field –  Meet Our Volunteer Lin Ann Chi

“Everyone deserves to be given equal opportunities in life and I am increasingly worried about the noticeable gap between underprivileged and privileged children in Singapore. Non-profit organisations like Innerstar serves to level this playing field and it is a cause that resonates with me.”

Ann Chi has over 15 years of career experience, ranging from the banking to energy sector. Most recently, she was leading the Portfolio Management team at Senoko Energy.

She is passionate about doing something more meaningful in life and has recently begun to explore the social sector space, including understanding more about the work which social enterprises do.

She believes that Innerstar is on the right track to impacting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children and youths. As a volunteer, she hopes to work with like-minded people to potentially make a difference in the lives of these children and youths.

Working with programme partners that are aligned in the same goals will allow Innerstar to reach out to more children and youths in Singapore.

In her spare time, Ann Chi loves playing sports and believes that it is also a great way for youths to build self-confidence and discipline