Helping Youth Develop Greater Self-Awareness

E-Colors Youth Workshop at Sunbeam Place

27 November 2018

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Innerstar conducted an E-Colors workshop for the youth at Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society this week. Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society is one of the 12 service centres run by Singapore Children’s Society. The highly interactive and experiential programme seeks to help the youth elevate self-awareness, self-regulation and self-confidence, as well as to enhance empathy, understanding and communication.

We want to thank Sunbeam Place for this opportunity to run the workshop, as well as all the fantastic feedback and support from the management and staff. We look forward to providing further E-Colors engagements and other enrichment programmes at Sunbeam Place to help support and develop the youth.

We would also like to thank our volunteers and donors. All our programmes would not be possible without your support. Special thanks to:

Equilibria for being our Programme Partner and sharing these wonderful self-development coaching tools with the youth and staff

Our donors who supported our ‘Sponsor A T-shirt, Empower a Child’ campaign. These symbolic visual cues (the colourful T-shirts that the children wore) helped make the workshop more impactful

Our donors who donated their personal iPads, which the youths used during the workshop, without which, the important first step to developing self-awareness would not be possible

Look out for more of our upcoming programmes and donation campaigns on our Facebook page @innerstarshine. Get in touch with us at if you would like Innerstar to bring our skills development programmes to your organisation.